How to support the Parish during this difficult time

People have contacted me to ask how they can continue to support the parish during this period of the Coronavirus pandemic.  Below are some suggestions.

1. Use your Offertory Envelopes each week and save them until we can come back together to celebrate Mass.

2. You could convert your envelope-giving to a Standing Order.  If you would like to do this please send an email with  your  name  and  address  to the parish email address  We will send the parish bank details to you so that you can then set up a new standing order to the Parish using your own on-line bank access.  Your gift-aid declaration held by the Parish will still be valid.

3. If you do not currently use Offertory Envelopes but would still like to contribute each week to the parish you can download a form for a Standing Order on the diocesan website and pressing the ‘Donate’ button.  A one-off donation is also possible through the diocesan website  Select either ‘Newcastle’ or ‘Silverdale’ in the dropdown menu.

4. Post a cheque to the Presbytery, payable to ‘Holy Trinity Church, Newcastle’ or ‘Sacred Heart Church, Silverdale - make sure you include a name and address on the back of the cheque and please indicate if you have signed a gift-aid declaration.

Thank you for the many and various ways that you generously support the parishes.

God bless, Fr Paul

Future Public Masses at Holy Trinity

Many of you may be aware that Public Masses will be allowed in England as from tomorrow (4th July).  The celebration of these Masses will not be as it was in pre-Coronavirus days, there are a number of new regulations and conditions that will be in place.  These concern social distancing, cleansing, stewarding of people and the church being deep cleansed after every Mass.  There will be restrictions on the number of people attending – at most 60 people, all of whom will have to wear face masks or have some facial covering.


Although thank God, the numbers of people contracting the virus and those dying from it seem to be in decline, we must remember that the threat of this disease is still out there.  We must continue to be vigilant, looking out for one another, especially the vulnerable and looking after one another that we do not put others in danger.  It is because of this that after much thought and prayer I have decided THE TIME IS NOT YET RIGHT FOR PUBLIC MASSES TO RESUME AT HOLY TRINITY.  You may disagree with me, but the Diocese has given each parish priest the final say in regard to this and I simply do not want to put anyone at risk.  I will review this situation in a few weeks, but I would remind you that there is absolutely no obligation to attend Sunday Mass. That obligation will return in the future when we can gather freely but for now there is no obligation.


When we do begin the public celebration of Mass, I am probably going to ask that you pre-book your intention to attend, but I will need to work out some kind of system.  I will also need a team of cleaners who will be willing to clean the church after every Mass.  If you are able to, I would ask that you attend a weekday Mass rather than a Sunday Mass.  Further any elderly person, or anyone with any frailty or underlying medical condition should not consider attending Mass because you are particularly vulnerable and any gathering in any building adds to the risks open to you. So please do not put yourself in danger.


I understand that this will frustrate many of you, but I would simply ask that you continue to offer up your inability to celebrate the Sacraments for the safety of yourselves and of your brothers and sisters. I do not think that the Lord would have it any other way.


Please continue to be the example and witness of who you are as the People of God through your prayer and through your charity.


With assurances of my prayer for you, each and every day.

God bless you all, Fr Paul




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